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Webinar "The rise of algorithmic management, from platform economy to traditional sectors" on Platform Work and Algorithms in the Workplace
Soon a large part of the workforce will be confronted with AI in their workplaces. The challenge is to do this in the right way and to come up with a worker-centred approach to algorithmic management.  
How to reach pay equity and to close the gender pay gap? Good practices and lessons learned from Nordic-German Trade Unions
One of the challenges we still face in today's society is achieving gender equality on the labour market. Although the Nordic countries rank high in terms of gender equality, there are still  
23.02.2022 | Foreign and Security Policy | Publication
Security Radar 2022 - Norway
Security Radar 2022 is the second edition of an FES survey gauging the public opinion in 14 states from across the OSCE region. The Radar reflects on major obstacles to achieving peace in Europe and  
New report: How do we make the climate transition fair?
New report summarizing the findings from over 200 conversations conducted with people in four socio-economically disadvantaged rural municipalities in Sweden. It provides a unique illustration of  
13.06.2024 | Economy and Labour, Democracy and the Welfare State | Publication
New report: Finland - A Political Battleground
The Finnish centre-right to extreme-right-wing government has decided to radically reform the Finnish labour market and welfare system, despite opposition from both within and outside Finland. The