The bitterness of disappointed expectations

The bitterness of disappointed expectations (“De svikna förväntningarnas bitterhet”), our latest report project together with Tankesmedjan Tiden, looks closer into the opinions of Sweden Democratic (SD) voters.

The underlying question was: are there political topics and issues where the left in a broad sense and social democracy in particular can win back voters from SD?

The short answer to the question is no.

Our report, based on a opinion poll from last autumn, finds no support for the idea that SD voters are part of a dissatisfied left. Instead the party functions as a gathering point for a number of voters holding reactionary values including a deviation from the Swedish mainstream on issues like equality. They also display a distrust of elites and widespread dissatisfaction with how public welfare services work. While they express strong criticism, such as towards the existing pension system, they lack confidence in traditional left-backed political proposals as solutions to these challenges.

Discover the full findings and recommendations for social democratic actors in our report.

De svikna förväntningarnas bitterhet

Fürst, Josefin; Sjölander, Johan

De svikna förväntningarnas bitterhet

En undersökning av sverigedemokratiska väljares åsikter
Stockholm, 2023

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