Tuesday, 03/14/2017 - ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41

Seminar: The power of communities – Local integration policies in Germany and Sweden

Seminar on local integration policies. Unique German study commented by Emilia Bjuggren, vice mayor of Stockholm and others

The power of communities – Local integration policies in Germany and Sweden

14th March 2017
CHANGED VENUE. New venue: ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41, "Hjärtat"

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Sweden and Germany have both experienced and dealt with an increased refugee migration in 2015 and 2016. In trying to provide the best possible receiving, national governments in both countries rely to a large extent on municipalities where accommodation, integration programs, schooling and health services are coordinated. In a unique study of about 100 German municipalities’ policies on receiving and integration measures, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Germany (FES) tries to analyze which practices have so far been successful and which should be improved or prevented. These findings are not only relevant for a German public, experts and decision-makers but these experiences are of value for the Swedish context as well. Also in Sweden, municipalities have had different perspectives, access and policies regarding refugee migration and integration into communities. What can be learned from each other? What role do municipalities play in receiving and integrating refugees? How can relationships between municipalities and civil society organizations be discussed and improved?

In this seminar, editor Dietmar Molthagen will present the study of the FES followed by an insight on Stockholm municipalities’ experiences and policies dealing with refugee integration and receiving programs from Stockholms vice mayor Emilia Bjuggren. A discussion with participants will round up the seminar.

A light lunch will be served after the seminar.


Emilia Bjuggren, Mayor for Labour Market and Sports Stockholm

Dietmar Molthagen, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Germany

Maria-Elsa Salvo, Arena Opinion, Moderator


The seminar is a cooperation between FES Nordic Countries and ArenaIdé.

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