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21. Finnland: Warum Sanna Marin die Parlamentswahl verloren hat (vorwärts)  
„Es ist nicht von der Hand zu weisen, dass die finnische Rockstarministerpräsidentin als Person polarisiert“, sagt Kristina Birke Daniels von der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Diese Polarisierung habe…  
22. Beziehungsstatus: kompliziert (IPG)  
Kristina Birke Daniels über die Wahlverliererin Sanna Marin, die schwierige Regierungsbildung in Finnland und den Zuwachs der Rechten.  
24.03.2023 | Democracy and the Welfare State | Event, Publication
Trade Union Victories after the Pandemic
Lisa Pelling has compiled trade union victories and setbacks after the crisis in the report "Post-pandemic Hopes and Disappointments – Perspectives of Care Workers in Seven European Countries". Join…  
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Our office is growing and we are currently looking for two new colleagues. Are you our next Project Advisor and Officer or Communications and Event Coordinator? Read the full job description and…  
25. Soffliggare är ett hot mot vår demokrati (Aftonbladet)  
Även Sverige kan ta steget till diktatur – om SD-väljarna och ickeväljarna blir fler  
31.12.2022 | Democracy and the Welfare State | Publication, News
The electoral breakthrough of Nordic radical-right wing parties
What is the political identity and the degree of radicalism of the two Nordic radical-right parties in Finland and Sweden? From which parties have they gained their votes and members and besides…  
30.12.2022 | Democracy and the Welfare State | Publication
Die Wahl der vielen Verlierer
New report in German about the Swedish elections 2022 out now. Wie konnte es passieren, dass die Sozialdemokraten trotz eines Zugewinns an Stimmen die Wahl verloren? Was für Faktoren haben die…  
19.12.2022 | Democracy and the Welfare State | Event
The Geography of Discontent
A conversation about how social structures and people's mentality are affected by major social changes with author and professor of sociology Steffen Mau as well as author and director of think tank…  
10.11.2022 | Democracy and the Welfare State | Publication
The Gendered Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic
This study takes a look at the gendered effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in 15 European countries, while the country reports take a closer look at the situation in Finland and Iceland.  
19.10.2022 | Economy and Labour | Event
Solo self-employment, umbrella employment and social protection in Sweden
The Covid 19 pandemic hit the solo self-employed hard in Germany. The then designed aid programs and measures initiated to support the solo self-employed were difficult, complicated and sometimes…  
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