Friday, 13.05.2022

Report launch: International cooperation of far-right groups

Welcome to the launch of the report “Mapping the far right in Northern Europe and Germany”. The report outlines some of the key players of the far-right in Northern Europe and Germany, depicts the extent of international far-right cooperation and makes concrete policy recommendations to effectively combat right-wing extremism. Join us in this online seminar to find out more.

From the parliaments to the streets, from Telegram groups to the dark web, the far right poses a very real threat to democracy. The massacre of Utøya and Oslo served as a blueprint, inspiring a new generation of right-wing terrorists connected through a shared online culture, ideology and network. From Christchurch to Poway, Halle to Hanau, the body count of this new phenomenon of far-right terrorism is increasing at an alarming rate – a threat that needs to be taken very seriously.  

To discuss the report with Nicholas Potter, author of the report and editor at Belltower.News (Amadeu Antonio Foundation), we have invited Morgan Finnsiö from the Swedish EXPO Foundation and Maria Wasvik from Antirasistiskt Senter Norway. How is the international cooperation of the far-right structured? What action is necessary to strengthen our societies against attacks from the radical right? What support is needed to support civil society organizations active in the field?

The event took place on May 13th 2022, 12.00-13.00

Watch the event: "Report launch: International cooperation of far-right groups"

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This event is organized by the FES Nordic Countries and supported by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and the FES Project ”Countering the Far Right”

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