Past Event "Lead by Machines - Algorithmic Management and Workers Rights"

Stockholm, LO Sweden Head Office, Barnhusgatan 18, Stockholm Sept 21st, 10:00-17:00. Lead by Machines - Algorithmic Management and Workers Rights is a public event focused on the transformative impact of digital technologies on the nature of work and its implications for workers' rights and the Nordic model.

With the computer revolution the workplace has experienced a rapid integration of digital technologies reshaping the dynamics of gig work, remote work, surveillance, and algorithmic management of workers. Some consequences have become clear, such as the division of the labor market into 'lousy or lovely' jobs. Less clear are the effects of digital tech on the nature of work itself across the labor market. There are emerging signs that the use of algorithmic decision-making systems is accompanied by profound shifts in workplace management, the exercise of power, and workers’ rights. This is especially visible in the platform economy but is spread widely across the economy, including in more ‘traditional’ sectors. 

The event brings together researchers, policymakers, trade unionists and other stakeholders from the Nordic countries to discuss:

  • The challenges that algorithmic management poses for safeguarding workers’ rights
  • The potential threat the developments of digital technologies pose to the Nordic model
  • The extent to which the tech revolution is being felt by the work force in Sweden
  • The political implications of those developments at both the Swedish and European levels 

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