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Trade unions and labour relations in the 21st century have to face transformations due to changing membership density, policy factors, factors such as globalization and intensified free trade, labour migration and an insecure financial market. There is a possibility to come out stronger from these changes: organization beyond national borders and along value chains is a prime example of intensified and transnational trade union dialogue for the future.

How to shape these transformations from a labour movement’s perspective and to foster labour relations and trade union organization even in the future is one of the FES Nordic Countries’ central fields of interest.

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17.06.2021 | Transforming Labour Relations and Trade Unions, Economy and Labour, Event

Gewerkschaftsmonitore 2020/21: Island, Norwegen, Dänemark, Finnland und Schweden

Die Gewerkschaftsmonitore fassen die aktuellen und gewerkschaftspolitisch relevanten Rahmenbedingungen zusammen.


| Transforming Labour Relations and Trade Unions, Event Type, Upcoming, Economy and Labour, Event

Turning the tide? Online workshops on trade union memberships and the pandemic

Two online workshops on the effects of the pandemic on trade union membership in Germany and the Nordics & Best-practice strategies on how to gain and…


01.05.2021 | Economy and Labour, Event, News

The Road Towards A Carbon Free Society. A Nordic-German Trade Union Cooperation on Just Transition

The Project "The Road Towards a Carbon Free Society. A Nordic-German Trade Union Cooperation on Just Transition" is a collaboration between the…


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The myth of the dangerous budget deficit. Orthodox fiscal rules versus climate policy. (In Swedish)

Katalys No 77, 2020

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Thomas Gegenhuber

A vision for digital Europe

Berlin: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 2020

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Markus Hoch, Jannis Lambert, Almut Kirchner, Richard Simpson, Myrna Sandhövel, Tabea Mündlein

Jobwende - Effects of the Energiewende on Work and Employment

Berlin : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Western Europe/North America, 2019

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Hanna Beutler-Gross, Valeska Henze, Christin Skiera, Jana Windwehr

Gleicher Lohn und die Hälfte der Macht

Berlin: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Western Europe/North America, 2018

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