Thursday, 13.06.2019 - Thursday, 13.06.2019 - Scalateatern i Stockholm, Wallingatan 32-34, 11124 Stockholm

Triumpf of the Woman? The Female Face of the Populist & Far Right in Europe

Women voters were long thought to be relatively immune to the election policies advocated by right-wing populists and right-wing extremist parties. That has changed, however. In absolute terms the proportion of women voters for most of these parties is still lower than that of men, but the gap is narrowing. Several women hold leading positions in right-wing populist parties, giving them a female face as it were, but what is the situation behind that facade?



Against this background, we present the study “Triumph of the Women? The Female Face of the Populist and Far Right in Europe” that focuses on six European countries. In their case studies, the authors analyze the policy objectives of populist and far right parties on gender and family issues, the role of women in those parties, women’s voting behavior and possible (counter) strategies from progressive players. Come and discuss with us over lunch and coffee!



Stefanie Elies, FES
Ann-Cathrine Jungar, SH
Johan Ulvenlöf, LO
Morgan Finnsiö, Expo
Moderation: Torsten Kjellgren, Tiden

Place: The restaurant of Scalateatern, Wallingatan 32
Time: Registration and a lunchwrap from 11.30, the seminar starts at 12.00.
Language: English
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The seminar is a cooperation between Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation for the Nordic Countries, Tankesmedjan Tiden and ABF Stockholm.


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