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Upcoming report: Policies for individual professional further training in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany – a comparative study of challenges and best practices

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In highly developed countries such as the Nordic Countries and Germany, which are based on high productivity and expertise in exporting sectors, education and a highly skilled workforce are key for the labor market and the welfare state. The advancing digitalization and the increasing use of artificial intelligence will change the job profiles of almost all employees.

These changes will require continuous, both in-company training and individual professional further training. At the same time, a structural change is taking place in important sectors due to climate policies and global competition. These changes will lead to massive upheavals for the employees and will require them to do extensive further training to adapt their qualifications. In many cases, employees will also need complete retraining, if the occupation previously exercised in the traditional sector no longer has a future.

Against this background, the Nordic and the German systems for individual professional further training are facing similar challenges, which differ in type and magnitude from previous requirements in adjustment processes.

In a comparable analysis between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany this project aims at analyzing the challenges ahead and the country specific approaches of individual further training, and seeks to exchange best-practice examples.

The report is expected to be published in spring 2022.

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