Saturday, 24.11.2018 - Sandlersalen, ABF-huset

Is Sweden in Danger in Turning into SD’s Role Model Hungary?

The Swedish Democrats have pointed out Hungary as a clear example of an SD-controlled Sweden. What does that mean? What has happened to democracy and human rights in Hungary when politics has been turned in a highly right-wing and xenophobic direction? How can the labor movement prevent Sweden from developing in that direction?

The Think Tank Tiden invites together with FES Nordic Countries to this important seminar on our times political battle: whether right-wing ideas will transform our society into an anti-democratic direction.


•Jan Niklas Engels, former national director of Hungary, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
•Ann Linde (SAP), EU Minister
•Joakim Medin, journalist and author of the book “Orbánistan”
•Anna Sundström, secretary General, Olof Palme International Center
•Anna-Lena Lodenius, author and journalist

The seminar is moderated by Torsten Kjellgren, Think Tank Tiden.




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