How to reach pay equity and to close the gender pay gap? Good practices and lessons learned from Nordic-German Trade Unions

One of the challenges we still face in today's society is achieving gender equality on the labour market. Although the Nordic countries rank high in terms of gender equality, there are still challenges to overcome to achieve full pay equality and pay equity. .


Therefore, a collaboration between Nordic and German organizations has emerged that aims to provide an overview of the existing gender pay inequalities and the current strategies for achieving equal pay and pay equity in the five Nordic countries and Germany.

The project is a collaboration between the Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS), the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES) and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) and has received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers' Gender Equality Fund organized by NIKK. The NFS represents thirteen national trade union federations from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, while the DGB is the voice of the German trade union movement.

The project will result in two results, one report that highlights the current approaches to achieve equal pay and good examples from the different countries and another report with concrete policy recommendations. Both will be launched at the autumn session of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Reykjavik in October 2024.

The project is also a collaboration forum for the different countries' trade union central organisations to enable them to broaden their networks and exchange experiences and knowledge. A series of engaging workshops and meetings have taken place since the launch of the project in Stockholm 2023. We recently held a productive workshop in Oslo and are looking forward to meeting again in Berlin in June 2024.


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