Green Hydrogen: The International Dimension

A workshop series on green hydrogen and the challenges and potential of collaborations between Germany and the Nordic states.

Bild: Thomas Brill/Getty Images Signature/Canva Pro

Bild: Thomas Brill/Getty Images Signature/Canva Pro

The nordic countries are among the world's pioneers in green and blue hydrogen technology. The North and Baltic Sea offer excellent conditions for the generation of CO-2 neutral electricity from wind turbines and thus the operation of industrial electrolysers. Rich gas deposits can provide the raw material for the production of blue hydrogen. Essential players in the region were comparatively early to recognise and seize the opportunity of producing climate-neutral hydrogen. For example, the Swedish steel company SSAB already is a pioneer in low-emission steel production.

The geographical proximity and the great importance of the European internal market for the nordic export nations make them appear to be predestined cooperation partners in the decar-bonisation of Europe and Germany - especially in view of the high import demand for cli-mate-neutral hydrogen on the continent.

In the first of four expert talks on possible international hydrogen partnerships, their precondi-tions and implications, we would like to discuss the following questions:

How are the Nordic countries structurally positioned with regard to the production and use of green hydrogen? What capacities are available, which are the key actors? What interests are the latter pursuing and what concrete measures are they taking to achieve their goals?

Which integrated production and business models along the entire value chain do Scandina-vian producers and (industrial) users of green hydrogen want to establish? What does this mean for possible cooperation with Germany and the rest of Europe and what would be the necessary infrastructural and institutional prerequisites for their implementation?

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