Factsheets: Online Platforms and Platform Work

Factsheets on online platforms and platform work in the Nordic countries and Germany as part of the FES project "Mapping Platform Economy".

Platform economy in the Nordic Countries and Germany: What can we learn from each other?

Platform economy began to emerge in the Nordic countries – as in Germany and the rest of Europe - in the mid-2000s due to rapidly developing technological innovations and emergency of new business models. International online platforms such as Foodora, Hilf or Wolt have their headquarters or were founded in the Nordic countries, whereas in Germany – Gorillas and Delivery Heroes were founded.

Even if the size of platform economy in the Nordic countries and Germany is increasing, there is not much known about online platforms and platform work e.g., number of online platforms or socio-demographic characteristics of platforms workers. In both cases, the lack of regulations has drastic consequences for platform workers, who work often under precarious conditions.

The FES Competence Centre ‘Future of Work’ initiated an international research project that aims to capture the existing platform economy landscape in over 30 countries (EU member-states/associated countries) with a focus on the regulatory landscape of platform economy at national level, online platforms and platform work, collective bargaining and initiatives to protect platform workers and relevant court cases. The results of this project are accessible in form of interactive maps, factsheets and policy brief. The secondary data used for preparing country factsheets has been collected between October - December, 2021. More

Factsheets: Nordic Countries






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