Energy without Russia: Country report Denmark

This autumn, we focus on energy policy! Our first report in this series focuses on Denmark's energy policy after the Russian aggression against Ukraine and EU sanctions on the energy sector.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has had an enormous impact on the energy supply of European States. The question of how and at what pace Europe could free itself from its dependence on Russian energy supplies was crucial to the sustainability of the EU sanctions imposed after the invasion.

How have European countries responded so far and what adaptation strategies have been developed for the medium and long term?

Our reports describe how Europe has responded to the resulting supply crisis following the invasion and how this affects the long-term energy policies of several EU countries. 

Compared to many other EU Member States, Denmark faced fewer challenges in diversifying its energy imports away from Russia. Therefore, the impact of the EU sanctions package against Russia on the Danish energy sector was relatively low, with more immediate effects in the form of substitution of Russian coal and wood pellets.

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Energy without Russia: Country report Denmark

Surwillo, Izabela; Slakaityte, Veronika

Energy without Russia: Country report Denmark

The consequences of the Ukraine war and the EU sanctions on the energy sector in Europe
Budapest, 2023

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