Lars Klingbeil in Sweden for the SAMAK summit

The Federal Party Chairman of the German Social Democrats visited Stockholm along his official journey through four European capitals.


Press briefing with Lars Klingbeil and FES Nordics

FES gathered international and Swedish media representatives in Stockholm for a briefing with Lars Klingbeil and Kristina Birke Daniels, the head of office at FES Nordics. It was a personal and confidential talk, covering a range of topics such as the ongoing war in Ukraine and Germanys turn in foreign and security policy or "Zeitenwende", as well as new European security strategies. Lars Klingbeil talked about the necessity to formulate a new policy towards Russia. He also reiterated how important and central German and Nordic cooperation has always been, remembering the close ties of Willy Brandt to the Nordic countries.

German Nordic exchange at the SAMAK Meeting

Klingbeil then went on to establish his own close ties while participating in SAMAK's annual Nordic summit,  which was held at the picturesque Bommersvik outside of Stockholm. This meeting brings together the leadership of the Social Democratic parties and the trade union movement in the Nordic countries and was led by the three prime ministers of Sweden, Finland and Norway. The German party leader Lars Klingbeil was welcomed as one of the rare international guests at the summit. A total of about 150 delegates and other attendees were present, including participants in an alumni meeting for SAMAK's Nordic School. FES Nordic Countries joined as well and was able to gain new interesting perspectives for the Nordic German dialogue.


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