The Road Towards A Carbon Free Society. A Nordic-German Trade Union Cooperation on Just Transition

The Project "The Road Towards a Carbon Free Society. A Nordic-German Trade Union Cooperation on Just Transition" is a collaboration between the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) and the Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS), which represents thirteen national Trade Union Confederations from five Nordic Countries: Denmark (FH, Akademikerne), Finland (SAK, STTK), Iceland (ASÍ, BSRB, BHM), Norway (LO-N, Unio, YS) and Sweden (LO-S, TCO, Saco).

Grafik: facts and fiction GmbH

Grafik: facts and fiction GmbH

A Just Transition towards a carbon neutral future is the most urgent environmental, social and economic issue of our times. This project aims to develop strategies and requirements from a trade union perspective on how to manage the process to a carbon free society. The participating labour organisations have analysed their respective countries' transition path towards a fossil free future and formulated joint policy recommendations for the national and European arenas. The ensuing discussions and debate have strengthened the cooperation and dialogue between the Nordic and the German trade union movements on common challenges and solutions. The participating labour organisations are united in their vision that this goal can only be reached if the social costs of this transition process are socially mitigated. This means harmonising efforts to combat climate change with the aim of ensuring decent working and living conditions.

A total of six country reports on the Just Transition path of the participating countries (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) have been formulated. Each contains an analysis of the climate policies, economic and societal consequences, an evaluation of the respective national instruments and offers European perspectives. The main findings of the country reports are brought together in a synthesis. It features policy recommendations that aim to help guide the transition to a decarbonised society and an economy that is just and sustainable.

The reports are since the launch event on March 17th 2021 available on the project website. There is also a German version of the website.

You will also find on the website the joint policy recommendations for the national and European arenas, jointly adopted by the Executive Committees of the DGB and NFS.

The reports and their results are presented and discussed in a series of events nationally as well as in terms of Nordic and European cooperation and at the international level.


For more information contact Meike Büscher: meike.buscher(at)fesnord.se. 



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