The Profiteers of Fear? Right-wing populism and the COVID-19 Crisis

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected right-wing populists in Europe? A report series with contributions from Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Germany.

In many countries the COVID-19 crisis initially led to increased trust in government. The restrictions to personal freedoms, curfews, restrictions on social contacts, the closure of large segments of the economy as well as the widening of executive powers in many countries was largely accepted and supported by the public. However, frustration and distrust of government have been increasing the longer the restrictions have been in place. Some countries, such as Germany, witnessed large demonstrations against the counter measures. Moreover, the wide dissemination of fake news and conspiracy theories are influencing the public debate on how to handle the pandemic.

The project provides reports from CyprusSweden, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romaina and Germany – all countries with large or growing right-wing populist movements and parties. The reports explore the question, if right-wing populism in Europe has been able to benefit from the Corona-crisis. A synopsis will interpret and classify the developments in the individual countries in a comparative perspective. 

For the German project site, with information and all reports in German, go to: www.fes.de/c19rex.  

Summary report - The Far Right and COVID-19 in Europe

The Cypriot Far Right and COVID-19

The German Far Right and COVID-19

The Swedish Far Right and COVID-19

The Finnish Far Right and COVID-19

The French Far Right and COVID-19

The Italian Far Right and COVID-19

The Greek Far Right and COVID-19

The Romanian Far Right and COVID-19

The Spanish Far Right and COVID-19

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