New Publication: "Hydrogen in the Nordics - Drivers of European cooperation?"

New Publication: "Hydrogen in the Nordics - Drivers of European cooperation?" - What role can green hydrogen play in the decarbonization of the Nordics and their European partner countries?

The Nordics are positioning themselves as leaders in the energy transition and pursue ambitious decarbonisation targets in an effort to combat climate change. The possible role of hydrogen in achieving carbon-neutral societies has seen an increase in activity by various stakeholders in the region.

The policy paper "Hydrogen in the Nordics - Drivers of European cooperation?" by the Research Institute for Sustainability - RIFS Potsdam provides a concise overview of the hydrogen strategies that are actively being developed in the Nordic countries and discusses the potential for closer cooperation for the development of a European hydrogen economy, both within and beyond the Nordic region.

The study shows:

  • There is already a broad supply of renewable energy in the Nordic countries that could be used for the production of green hydrogen in the future.
  • This can facilitate a sustainable industrial and transportation sector, provided a stable innovation environment exists and the infrastructure undergoes further development.
  • At the European level, the Nordic countries could play a pivotal role - also as producers of technologies and pioneer of green industry projects. For now, however, only Denmark is currently actively pursuing the export of green hydrogen as a strategic goal.
  • The authors concluded that the engagement between the Nordic countries and their other European partners should be deepened to enable a mutually beneficial cooperation

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You can download the study

Hydrogen in the Nordics

Kilpeläinen, Sarah; Quitzow, Rainer; Tsoumpa, Marina

Hydrogen in the Nordics

Drivers of European cooperation?
Bonn, 2023

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