Artificial Intelligence and Working Life

New report in English and Swedish.

Digitalization is heavily influencing the world of work, leading to structural change at the workplace. New professions and skills are becoming more important, making old professions and skills redundant.

One of the key drivers of this development are “Artificial intelligence” – applications (AI) that are defined by algorithms. These AI-applications are for many a new qualitative step. Depending on their use they can support workers and increase their productivity, but in some cases, there are fears that workers are increasingly working to the tune of algorithms. What does this mean for the world of work? Is the dystopian vision of workers reduced to cyborgs a not so distant future? Can AI be harnessed to the concept of decent work? What do these developments mean for trade unions and the social partnership institutions?

These and further questions are discussed in a joint publication by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Arena Idé: "Artificial Intelligence and the Future Digital Work Society” written by Thorben Albrecht and Christian Kellermann. 

Download the publication here:

Report in English: Artificial intelligence and the future of the digital workoriented society

Report in Swedish: Artificiell intelligens och det framtida digitala arbetssamhället

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